Soom T is the Glaswegian (a resident of Glasgow, Scotland) wonder known for her eclectic vocal stylings and over 50 record releases since 1999 with the likes of The Orb, The Bug, Mungos Hifi and many other style defining artists. Reggae Rajahs made this mix for their October 2012 tour of India with the emcee.



Soom-T India Tour 2012 Promo Mix (Reggae Rajahs)

Track list:

1. We Want Out (Junior Wize)
2. Joints & Jams (Mungos HiFi)
3. Summer Days (Jan Gleichmar/ Dirty Hari)
4. Puff That Police (Disrupt/Jahtari)
5. Did You Really Know (Mungos HiFi)
6. Boom Shiva (Disrupt/Jahtari)
7. They All Know (MAFFI)
8. Never Get Caught (Disrupt/Jahtari)
9. Ganja Ganja (Disrupt/Jahtari)
10. Our World (Echorek)
11. Puff That Weed (Disrupt/Jahtari)
12. Soundboy Police (Rajahs Dubplate)
13. Dirty Money (An-ten-nae Remix)
14. Boom Shiva (Rajahs Dubplate)

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